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thank you

just wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone for your messages, questions, and suggestions! 

over the next couple weeks I’ll be posting some beginner yoga advice, tips and tricks!

in the meantime, feel free to message me about whatever whenever!

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Anonymous asked: Im 15 and really want to start loosing some puppy fat, Would yoga be right for me or am I too young? I read somewhere that doing yoga at a young age can stunt your growth? I am very new to yoga so can you also explain me the basics


I started yoga when I was 13. You will be fine to do yoga at 15! However stay away from Hot Yoga, since your sweat glands might not be fully developed - it can be harmful, and also because I don’t recommend the heat for beginners. 

I know a lot of people who have lost weight from yoga. But like any teacher, instructor, or trainer will tell you “abs are made in the kitchen”. I’m not exactly sure what you mean by, or where your puppy fat is, but doing yoga would be a great way to improve your flexibility, strength and endurance, and even lose weight. I would also recommend mixing in some cardio, and making sure you’re eating enough healthy foods throughout the day. Foods that will give you lots of long lasting energy!

Hope this helps!

Love and light, 


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selfproclaimedjogger asked: Omg where do you get your yoga pants?? Especially the blue genie ones and the multicolored ones I need them in my life!!


The “Blue Genie” pants were a gift from a friend who just came back from Indonesia! and the Multicoloured Tribal leggings are from Forever21!

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cyclemichael asked: Hi Valerie- I was wondering if you might be so kind as to show us a good pose or two for beginners. I'm older than some yoga fans but I want to start doing some at home... Thanks for all your awesome photos and words of inspiration, I love your blog!

Hi! Thank you for your kind words. I am very grateful for having so many active followers. 

Last October (2013) I posted some beginner yoga poses 
This is the link to the intro post: Beginners: Get On Your Mat

Also, this link will take you to Other Questions, Beginner Yoga Tips and Pose Breakdowns.

If there are other specific poses you had in mind, please message me and I can do more posts, and/or maybe a how to video!

Best of luck on your yoga journey!

Love and light, 


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flyingnobility asked: Hey there. I don't know a lot about yoga. Would you mind explain a little to me? I'd be really happy:)


This is not an easy question to answer, because yoga has evolved over thousands of years, and means something different to every person.

My yoga is a connection between my physical self and my spiritual self. It is a time for me to listen and understand information that my body gives me, and to give back to my body, and to nourish my soul. 

For many yoga beginners, their practice is physical. Mostly doing to asanas (poses) and maybe some light meditation. However it can grow into something so much more, once you begin to understand yourself better.

Hope this helped!

Love and light, 


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