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Transitions, Variations & Stories

Yoga is a beautiful practice. Many people don’t realize that the asana’s in yoga are more than just a pose or a stretch; they tell a story. 

One of my favourite parts about being a yoga teacher is sequencing classes. I love being creative with some of the more traditional poses and trying out new variations/modifications or even just flowing them into one another.

Most poses tell a story in yoga philosophy, and I like to share them with my classes. But all poses tell a story in your heart and within your body. When you have that “ah-ha” moment in yoga - whether it’s in your body or heart - you can feel this story, and your appreciation for the pose is overwhelming! :)

Here are some of my favourite poses, along with their stories, modifications or variations that I like to flow together:





Adho Mukha Svanasana

Virabhadrasana I

Virabhadrasana II

Virabhadrasana III


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